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Photo: Rafael Jacinto

Marcia Vinci

Marcia has over 20 years experience producing and managing a variety of film and television projects. Her specialty is in both scripted and documentary television series. As an executive producer, Marcia has a clear understanding of network needs, ensuring that the projects are of the highest quality and focused on excellent results. Her past experience includes working in Brazilian production companies Radar, Mixer and O2 Filmes, as well as at channel GNT/Globosat.


Margarida Ribeiro

Having worked in Brazil’s audiovisual industry for 20 years, Margarida has a sharp eye for finding and developing fine talent and bright ideas.  She has been responsible for identifying and managing a wide variety of projects from development through final delivery, and for the past 10 years has held the position of Executive Producer of the television departments at two of Brazil’s most important production companies: Mixer and BossaNovaFilms.


Gil Ribeiro

Gil is one of the most experienced and well-known producers in Brazil. He is a pioneer of Brazil’s independent television production, and has had more than 35 years of notable accomplishments. Throughout his career, Gil has gained vast experience in management and negotiation with talent, production companies and networks.   He has held the position of CEO of two of the biggest production companies in Brazil: Mixer and Conspiração. International Academy of Television Arts& Sciences member.